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Bring the Caribbean or Mexico right to your backyard with these Tropical Tiki Bars or Palapas. Our Tiki Bars are handcrafted from Ontario White Cedar and can be ordered with various roof materials. The Natural Palm Thatch comes direct from the tropics and will have a life span of 3 to 5 years in our Canadian Climate. For an increased life span, the Synthetic Thatch can be installed with the exact look of the natural thatch but will give you up to 20 years longevity. If an outdoor bar is what you are looking for without the tropical flare, you can order your bar with a Cedar Shake Roof. Our bars come in 4 standard sizes. Palapas are handcrafted with quality cedar logs to withstand our Canadian climates and a powder coated steel support bracket for years of tropical enjoyment in your own backyard. Our Tropical Palapa kits are easy to assemble and available with or without the center post. Available from 6ft round to 12ft square we can build whatever you need to turn your lake shore into a tropical oasis. Our Palapa kits are built the traditional way with round logs and a real thatch cover. Palapas were used on tropical beaches for shade, the thatch cover allows for air movement making it 10-15 degrees cooler under a palapa then a canvas umbrella. Palapas are not water tight and do not have a solid roof. Our handcrafted cedar palapa kits are shipped in easy to assemble packages. All material is pre-cut and pre-drilled for you. Assembly takes a few hours after you have dug your hole for the post installation.

Southern Fantasy Tiki Bar
36" x 72" 
$2128.00 with Natural Palm Thatch Roof
$2289.00 with Synthetic Thatch Roof
$2097.00 with Cedar Shake Roof

Hawaiian Party Tiki Bar
36" x 84"
$2359.00 with Natural Palm Thatch
$2645.00 with Synthetic Palm Thatch
$2298.00 with Cedar Shake Roof

Tropical Paradise Tiki Bar
48" x 96"
$3156.00 with Natural Palm Thatch
$3521.00 with Synthetic Palm Thatch
$2965.00 with Cedar Shake Roof

Outdoor Oasis Tiki Bar
72" x 72"
$3771.00 with Natural Palm Thatch
$4135.00 with Synthetic Palm Thatch
$3473.00 with Cedar Shake Roof

Round Palapa Umbrellas
7ft Diameter $607.00
9ft Diameter $721.00
12ft Diameter $898.00

Mounting Bracket
Steel Powder Coated Mounting Bracket $69.00

Table Kit
36" Cedar Palapa Table Kit (to attach to the pole) $109.00

Gossip Bench 
with hole in the table to insert any above Palapa Umbrella $329.00

Square Palapas with Corner Posts
8ft x 8ft $1202.00
10ft x 10ft $1795.00
12ft x 12ft $3177.00
Round Palapas with Corner Posts
8ft Diameter $998.00
10ft Diameter $1712.00
12ft Diameter $3025.00

Material Only
7ft Round Natural Thatch Cover $69.99
9ft Round Natural Thatch Cover $99.99
12ft Round Natural Thatch Cover$169.99

Material Only
30" x 57ft Natural Palm Thatch Roll (3-5year) $229.99
2sqft Panel Synthetic Thatch Roofing $24.99 / panel

Material Only
2" diameter x 8ft Cedar Tiki Post Only $16.99
3" diameter x 8ft Cedar Tiki Post Only $19.99
4" diameter x 8ft Cedar Tiki Post Only $24.99
5" diameter x 8ft Cedar Tiki Post Only $34.99
6" diameter x 8ft Cedar Tiki Post Only $39.99